As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace (I Peter 4:11)

To give us an accurate assessment of the gifts God has given you, we do auditions.

    Live auditions are the best way to showcase your abilities. The next audition is scheduled for February 2, 2019 from 11am-2pm. Please click the button below to register and reserve a time slot.

    If you are unavailable that day or at those times, a video audition may be uploaded to a Dropbox folder that is only visible to the leaders. Please email us if you want to use this option.


    The audition is fairly simple and made up of 3 parts:

    1. Learn and be prepared for. The song is "He's Able" by Deitrick Haddon. We'll do the chorus, bridge, and tag of this song. You can find the track on Spotify and YouTube
    2. A song of your choosing. This will be a capella - no music, just you singing.
    3. Call and repeat scales. You can find examples of these here, here and here.


    • Rehearse thoroughly - your success is directly related to how much you're prepared.
    • Ask any questions to Nathan Mellix, Preston Stegall, or Jeremy Bunner to elminate any nerves or fears you may have. We're here to help!
    • Practice, practice, practice 

    On the day of, please arrive 10-15 minutes early to ensure that the auditions do not get behind schedule. Enter and hang out in the front lobby - there will be chairs for you to relax in. If you have in-ear monitors, bring them! If not, no worries.  

    When it's your time, you'll be brought in from the lobby and up on stage.  Vocalists will be given a microphone and Preston will accompany on keys. Band members will pick up their respective instruments and the audition will begin. Nathan will be there to observe and a camera recording the audition.

    Note: There will be no feedback provided on the spot - we'll get that to you in the coming weeks. 

    We will follow up in 1-2 weeks after the audition to let you know how we'll move forward.

    In all cases, we will provide constructive feedback. In some cases, we will ask that you rehearse certain skills (which will be pointed out) and try out again in a few months.

    Copies of your audition reel will be available upon request. 


    To get started, please fill out this Vocalist Interest Form. Whether live or a video submission, we are looking for these qualities:

    • Part and Range (is your voice high or low?)
    • Quality or Tambre ( what "color" is your voice?)
    • Pitch (can you hit a note?)
    • Singing a part as a group  -- one voice
    • Musicality (are you aware of dynamics within a song? Or do you sound like a robot?)
    • Harmonize
    • Ear ability (ability to match a note)
    • Physical Expressiveness (body language)


    To get started, please fill out this Band Interest Form. Whether live or a video submission, we are looking for these qualities:

    • General skill on the instrument
    • Ability to play a part in a band
    • Timing
    • Variety of styles
    • Ability to play new songs, or respond to new instructions
    • Knowledge of your instrument’s repertoire 


    Every week, we utilize an army of Dream Teamers that man the positions below. Most of these are behind-the-scenes and strive to provide a high quality, distraction-free worship environment. If this sounds like a group you'd like to be a part of, please fill out this Tech Interest form!



    • Front of House 
    • Broadcast Mix 


    • Camera Operator
    • Stream/Switcher Operator


    • Lighting Designer


    • Stage Manager
    • Projection Tech

    Comprehensive training will be provided for every position, so even if you know nothing about this area, we will get you started on your way!