To get started, please fill out this Vocalist Questionnaire. It helps us get to know you a little before the actual rehearsal.

Whether live audition or a video submission, we are looking for these qualities:

  • Part and Range (is your voice high or low?)
  • Quality or Tambre ( what "color" is your voice?)
  • Pitch (can you hit a note?)
  • Singing a part as one voice
  • Musicality (are you aware of dynamics within a song? Or do you sound like a robot?)
  • Harmonize
  • Ear ability (ability to match a note)
  • Physical Expressiveness (body language)


If you are doing a video submission, you will need a few things: a device to play music from (such as a computer, tablet or an iPod), and a device to record the video (probably your smart phone).


Use the playback device to play the chorus, bridge, and tag of He's Able by Deitrick Haddon. 


First, record yourself singing along in whichever part you're auditioning for - Sopranos sing soprano line, altos sing alto line, and tenors sing tenor. 


Next, record a song of your choosing done a capella. No music, just you singing to the camera. 


Once complete, upload your files to this Dropbox Link