Last Wednesdays

Small Groups on the last Wednesday night of each month are now happening!

What are Last Wednesdays?

For the last several months, we have been hosting an event called InReach on the last Wednesday of each month. This has been fantastic for us to get to know the friends that we see on the weekends a little better. However, we're changing it up.

Beginning the month of September, we're introducing Small Group Wednesdays. These events will occur in the place of InReach on the last Wednesday of each month.

For clarity, that means September 25, October 30, and November 27.

Last Wednesdays are to help create dialogue on spiritual topics and more opportunities for Next Steps. A short message will be delivered by Pastor Nathan and discussion, led by the facilitator of your group, will follow.

These groups will be hosted in the homes of some of our leaders and pastoral staff and should last 60-90 minutes, depending on how the discussion goes.

Curious to know which one you should attend? Check out the map below to find which group is nearest to you and click the button below to join!