2 Cor. 5:17, Col. 1:13-19, Eph. 3:1

• Reconciliation means restoration of friendly relations between people. The second understanding means a coming together between people of different cultures.
• God has given us a ministry of reconciliation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
• The next part of reconciliation concerns our testimony of how we live. The work of Christ helps us be reconciled with others.
• My debt to God is to see people saved. This was purchased by God and is the ministry of the New Testament Church.
• The church is a supernatural institution in which God shows the world that after His conversion, a body of believers; who are very different from each other, can get together in peace & love each other.
• We are indebted to God to love each other. We don't get to have an isolated relationship with God.


2 Cor.5:17-19

• The testimony of our love for God is manifested by our love for others.
• Sometimes a person's insecurity with God will lead that person to sacrifice their relationship with a brother or sister for their love for God; which is a delusion.
• Whenever there is an insurrection in a house, it is because of two camps.
• Jacob finally got what he wanted after he made things right with his brother.
• Reconciliation requires making yourself vulnerable.
• God has joined us together as a body.


1 John 1:17

• We have been given the ministry of reconciliation
• We have a call to have a vertical relationship with God, and we also have a responsibility to be reconciled one to another.
• Proof of the work of God is not perfection but instead reconciliation & love one to another.
• Our ability to walk in the light is evidenced by loving other people.
• The life is in the blood & this image of the blood of Jesus as a covering is still used to teach us of our salvation.
• When we give mercy, we then receive mercy much like the way our bloods flows life throughout our own bodies.
• We give glory to God when we live reconciled to each other.
• We benefit from the strengths & weaknesses within the church. The church is likened by God as a human body.
• The original First Church is marked by its ministry of reconciliation.