• We are dealt wounds by rejection. • As long as we live, we are tempted to accept someone else's opinion of our worth although our true worth is tied to what the opinion of the Lord Himself is for us. • There are many relationships that are not worth keeping. You must move on. • The most damaging relationship is one that you can't walk away from, but has rejected & hurt by them. • God's opinion of us is different than humanity’s opinion. • People who have experienced rejection are usually quick to reject others. • Leah felt rejected by her own father and her husband. • We should stop accepting other's opinions of ourselves and instead become worshipers of God. • We are chosen & loved by God. • The greatest blessing in Leah's life is knowing that although Jacob chose Rachel, but God chose Leah. • Our value is centered in our praise & worship to the Lord.


• The feeling of Inferiority will defeat a person before they even try. • It's ok to fail but not ok to avoid trying. • Negative people don't realize that they are being negative. • We should always reward trying! • Sometimes we have uphill dreams but downhill habits. • You are not inferior. • Because life is a school of hard & harder knocks so we sometimes accept other people's view of us. • Just as dangerous is any unbalanced opinions of us by others. Whether receiving only good opinions or only bad opinions of yourselves. • If you try to do anything for God, you will have those that don't like you. • What do we do? We set our intentions on the journey. • God's opinion of us is different because He sees a version of us that is more than a conqueror. • Three certainties: 1. We are under God's authority. 2. We are protected by God's presence 3. God is the source of our ability. • Everything that challenges us ultimately makes us better.


 • Loneliness is the feeling of isolation but isn't necessarily isolation in itself. • It is the feeling of being separated. • One of the lonely feelings is being in a crowd without knowing anyone. • Jeremiah was called out to live a prophecy instead of simply speak the prophecy. • The law was given to show us that we are lacking & need a sacrifice. • Jeremiah will never marry nor have children & would live a lonely life. • We are incomplete in ourselves. • Loneliness is a bigger killer than heart disease. • We are complete in ourselves. • There three levels of friendship. • In the body of Christ, there are all these. • Reasons for loneliness: • Separation from people. (To help fix this, become friendly to others & they will meet you halfway. • Separation from God (Begin by making quiet time to spend with the Lord)


• Many of us have a quite complicated relationship with guilt. • Doing things because of guilt produces only negative results: Pride or shame • Our motivation cannot be based on guilt! • We must have grace because we are inclined to do wrong. • Even when we are good, we still need grace! • We don't do good works because of the possibility of earning our own salvation, we do good works because we love the Lord. • The human response for guilt is to deny it & then cover it up. The next step in the human response for guilt is the blame game. • God gave us a conscience to illustrate that we ultimately help from God. • The Law teaches us that when we are good or bad, we still need a covering for our fallen nature. • Guilt will keep us from progressing with God. • Each person's dream & vision for service to God is as unique as their own fingerprint. 


Envy, Greed, and Pride.


• Love never fails. Choose love as a way to cope with pain. We should never resort to resentment or causing pain to others.