Even though today’s technology has afforded information at the fingertips and has benefitted mankind greatly, it still has its drawbacks. The same device that readily brings us the weather outlook also delivers to us bad news, particularly news of the injustices of living in a fallen world usually highlighted, bolded, and on the front page.  The writer of Psalm 73 did not have access to the internet, and yet his thoughts freely contemplated the earthly successes of the wicked, the care-free lifestyle of those who live for the moment, and the cruelties of living on this Earth. These thoughts troubled him … until he went into the temple to worship the one true living God.

          It was there during his time of fellowship with God, that he glimpsed the true meaning of life. It was there that he was reminded of his eternal reward. When he arose from his intimate time of worship of the one true living God, he was able to regain a rightful perspective of this earthly existence. How do we know this? He makes the statement that God is the strength of his heart and his portion forever.

          To state that God is his portion is to admit that He is his and all he wants, not just now, but forever. Keeping God on the throne in our hearts will help us to remember we are just pilgrims passing through. Setting our eyes on Him will strengthen our hearts as we encounter and endure hardships. Need to refocus? The fine-tuning of our perspective begins with a trip to encounter the one true living God. 

Psalm 73:16-28

Lisa Eppinette