Gardening is challenging but rewarding. An untended garden often yields that annoying crabgrass that spreads its tentacles across the fertile soil, depositing a complex web of roots. As the gardener begins pulling the visible crabgrass from the surface, it is not long before the extensive root system becomes evident. The first encounter of weed pulling is just not enough to accomplish a weed-free garden. It becomes obvious that it will require many subsequent encounters and much perseverance. Due to the nature of crabgrass, achieving a weed-free garden will require frequent and consistent weeding encounters.

          The same is true of habits. When a lifestyle is governed by the carnal nature, the garden of the heart becomes overgrown with unbiblical reasoning. Sometimes it may not be realized what is being sown into a life until the undesirable visible outcomes of those habits are analyzed. Those “weeds” are labeled such when we feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Along with that conviction comes the prompting to change those habits. Then comes the determination to begin weeding the garden of the heart.

          Because habits are usually born of a belief system and rarely sprout from just one particular thought, it is not long before it is discovered that changing one habit will require the diligent application of God’s Word to the life of a believer. This requires active studying of the Word. To achieve a “weed-free life,” one must become a doer of the Word. To become a consistent doer of the Word, the principles found in the Word have to become ingrained in the heart of man. If we persevere, we will reap the beauty of a weed-free garden!

          Galatians 5:16-17; Galatians 6:8-9; James 1:22

          Lisa Eppinette