Dear Pawn

Good morning, You!

          I’ve been here patiently waiting for you to awaken this morning, ready to start our day as we so often do. So what will it be this fine morning? Fear, weariness, anger, hopelessness, anxiety? I’ve got one job - to make sure you remain distracted because, if you do, I can keep you from turning to the one who calls himself the Saviour. He claims to be gentle, with easy yokes and light burdens, and promises rest for the weary. This One promises to supply all your needs according to His inexhaustible inventory. He claims to be a friend closer to you than your own family, and even said that He will come to you when you call. But enough about Him before I give you any ideas.

          Mothers, one of my specialities for you is the art of comparison, and this comes in very handy for shattering your confidence and keeping you feeling like less than your worth. How, you ask? Well, one of my ways to do this is, when I see you looking at those photo apps like Pinterest and Instagram, I begin my work. Yes, I agree that you can find useful inspiration there. But then I get you so focused on what others have and how seemingly  picture perfect their lives are put together, that you begin to feel discontented and inadequate.

          I make sure that you don’t think about how those rooms are staged with the right colours, bright lighting, or the perfect angles. You know, showroom quality. Oh, no. Instead, you look at the never decreasing laundry pile, the toys everywhere, and the drab furniture colours that you were once proud to have chosen. I even get you comparing your children and parenting to others! Before you know it, you’ve measured a lifetime of living to an evanescent moment captured on a still photo. How about that for finesse?

          Teenagers, you are in my favourite season of life. So impressionable. You’re going through a time of great change, a period where you’re not a child and still not quite an adult yet. And that’s where I make my move. I like to make you feel like no one understands you, that you’re all alone. So how easy I push you away from confiding in your family who loves you, or speaking to other trusted people you know? See what I do. I make you think that they were never once your age, that they couldn’t possibly relate to your circumstance. Clever, aren’t I?

          Instead, I turn you to toward the numerous social media platforms where total strangers and critics who have never invested in your success and wellbeing abound, and have you bare your soul to them. These strangers and critics will then give you their two cents without knowing the whole of the matter, usually from their point of view, often without wisdom, and often without empathy or sympathy. You seek connections and validation, but you’re more likely to find vilification. Yes, it’s a bully’s paradise. My kind of place.

Sincerely yours,

The Enemy of Your Faith and Soul.