Every day she made her way to the well for the day’s supply of water. Alone, and desiring to be alone during this routine chore, she would walk along a dusty but well-worn path with her empty vessel to retrieve what was necessary for survival for the human body. Her life was as empty as the vessel she carried on the way to the well. Desiring love that satisfied, she sought it by forming and nurturing relationships with men who themselves were full of emptiness and unable to give what she needed.

          One day during a routine trip to the well she met a Man who wanted to give her what she desired—the Love that never leaves one thirsting for more, the Love that is unconditional and leaves one feeling truly refreshed, the Love that gives life a purpose. Jesus identified Himself by identifying her deepest need and then expressing the desire to fulfill it.

          On some level we can identify with her, even in today’s culture. When one experiences a depletion of the spirit, there is a tendency to pick up the emptiness of the soul and take it down that well-worn path to fill it with something. The world offers an array of activities such as social media, movies, pornography, empty relationships, gossip, alcohol, drugs, overindulgence in food, etc. Because the emptiness is immediately filled, one will feel relief. But as Jesus said, “Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again.”   

          Feeling depleted? Wondering why the “full” feeling is only short-lived? Examine the source from which you draw. When we choose to sit at His feet and fill ourselves with His promises, we begin drinking from the “river” that never runs dry. The caveat to this is that not only do we have ample supply for ourselves, but we also become a vessel in which to be poured out for others as well.

          John 4:1-26

          John 7:37-39

          Lisa Eppinette