A friend loveth at all times… Prov. 17:17 KJV

The older we get, the easier it is to see who our true friends are. (I believe the expression nowadays is BFF’s). When we are younger, though, we don’t even realize that we’re establishing lifelong relationships. (Why, the thought that the little girl that we played dolls with or the boy who we enjoyed riding bikes with when we were young would someday be maid of honor or best man at our wedding was the furthest from our minds.)  During those early years, though, it sometimes occurs that we fall in with casual acquaintances and neglect, perhaps not intentionally,  those true friends. Fast forward the years and there’s college, or our family moves to another state and we lose contact with our childhood buddies. But, we say to ourselves, “I have lots of friends who care about me.” That is, until one day, when life throws us a curveball and our so-called ‘friends’ are nowhere to be found. But that one person’s name comes to our mind. The one we remember always being there for us when we needed encouragement or a thoughtful get-well gift when we were in the hospital or a laugh when we were feeling down.

Guess what, it’s never too late to rekindle that friendship. You might be surprised that you both will pick up where you left off. And you both will realize why you have remained friends all these years.

Prayer Focus: Jesus, please help us to recognize those who are our true friends and enable us to nurture those friendships to keep them going strong.

Donna Nasko