When I first began my walk with Jesus Christ, I soon realized that I had developed a very low opinion of myself. Although I knew on an intellectual level that I was made in the image of God, which in itself makes us all very special, I hadn't gotten past the feeling of unworthiness of God's love. That is when the revelation came of Jesus Christ as my Father, which changed everything.

          I was admiring a beautiful huge harvest moon that was hanging low in the evening's horizon. While being caught up in amazement that God would consider me a masterpiece, I heard Him speak to me and say, "Be like that, a full moon." Of course, I didn't understand what He meant until it came to me that a moon doesn't put off any light of itself, but simply reflects the light of the sun. The only reason it is full is when the world is taken out of the way.

          This helped me to understand that I can simply reflect the love of Jesus Christ to those in my world. It has taught me that love is kind and peaceable, while seeking for the benefit of others over myself. So, let’s be like a full moon, reflecting the light of the Son to the world.

          Carlos Guerra