Here it is, springtime again, and one thing I abhor and despise about spring is the weeds – even the flowery weeds – the ugly, despicable, landscape-ruining weeds. I was looking at my backyard today thinking exactly that thought when suddenly the light changed and hit the weeds just perfectly, and before my eyes they transformed into a spectacle of beauty! And it was all because the right light shone on them. If you stop to think about it, beauty can simply be the reflection of the “right” light.

          I think sometimes we lose our direction a little bit and start walking outside the “right” light. We may even end up walking right into painful situations or rough circumstances and feeling so angry and disappointed with ourselves that we feel downright ugly at the moment. Anyone ever been there?

          But if even weeds can look beautiful in the right light, then certainly we can, too. All it takes is for us to acknowledge where we are, reroute ourselves, and get back to walking in the Light! After all, our beauty really is the reflection of the “right” Light!

          Jeff Eppinette