Answer this question: what would your life be like if you hadn't met God? "But by the grace of God so go I." Now think about this question. Where is God placed in your life? In the back corner? Up on a pedestal, or on a shelf? Did you leave Him at church? You've heard it said to put Jesus first in your life: J.O.Y. Jesus, Others, Yourself. I'd like to challenge you to think about it in a different way. Instead of just "Jesus first", think of it as Jesus everything.

          For example, if you'd say of your life, God is first and your marriage is second, shouldn't He also be a part of your marriage? If children and job or ministry follow, shouldn't God be a part of these as well? So it's not just putting Him first, but putting Him in the center of everything! When baking a cake, if you don't mix the eggs thoroughly into the batter, it will not turn out! Mix Jesus thoroughly into your life so it will be the best it can be!

          What does your life revolve around? Does it revolve around your job, your kids, your church ministries, your hobbies? Let it revolve around Jesus. You can be involved in all of these, but life will be that much better when God is at the center. Really! If it's not with Jesus at its core, is it worth doing?

          Re-center your life. Make God the focus! Everything else falls into place when your priorities are right. Right now, take time to ask God to help you put Him “In the Center of It All!”

Loretta Lundt