Walls are built brick by brick and this takes some time. On the other hand, the demolition of these same walls can happen in a few moments.

          I don’t think I am alone in this, but in my experiences when bad things kept coming at me, walls started forming around my heart. It was a defensive move to protect me from hurting. Then the more bad that came at me, the taller those walls around my heart became. It was after one such battle that God spoke to me. He showed me that I wasn't able to feel His love because the walls I built to block the hurt were also keeping out the love: other's love, and even more importantly, His love.

          I heard a quote the other day. "If you take the wet out of the water, it's no longer water. If you take the heat out of fire, it's no longer fire. In the same way, if you take love out of God, it's no longer God." God is love! Pray for any walls you have erected around your heart to be torn down. Allow yourself to forgive. Allow yourself to feel. You may think it will hurt, and it may, but the sweet peace and love that follow is worth the moments of pain. Feel the awesome, gentle touch of our loving Savior, Jesus Christ! Relax in His presence. Savor some special moments knowing He absolutely loves you! Let Him in. Let love in.

Loretta Lundt