God promised to drive out their enemies little by little ultimately leaving them in full possession of the land that He was giving them. As they embarked upon their journey, the children of Israel must have realized that this meant with each encounter, whether by diplomacy or battle, full possession would be accomplished over time, maybe even a lengthy time. Along with all the weapons that they would need, they also had to pack up additional supplies of trust and patience. Without these, their own discouragement could overcome them, causing them to give up.

          The Bible later records that if their enemies were driven out all at once, the animals of the land would multiply and overtake the very ones who were supposed to inherit it. When we understand fully the necessity of a lengthy process, we can appreciate the Lord’s methods. Applying this same principle of trusting God and exercising patience in our own trials will help us to align our perspective with God’s perspective. Maybe it’s that dream job that we’ve been hoping for, or the relationship with the future spouse who will help to make our lives complete, or maybe the healing from an emotionally troubling time, all of which we feel God has promised us. Whatever it is that you feel will come with time, walk confidently into that land of promise to which God has brought you. Understand that God has the perfect timing to completely pour out that blessing. Realize that ‘little by little’ affords you the time to grow closer to God during the process of inheriting the promise. Thank Him for not fulfilling His promises based on your understanding that is rooted in humankind’s finite perception. Surrender to His ways, and whatever you do, don’t give up and walk off. Our enemy abounds on all sides, and the only way we will survive is by walking hand in hand with the Lover of our souls.


          Exodus 23:30, Deuteronomy 7:22

          Lisa Eppinette