I sleep, but my heart waketh. Song of Solomon 5:2

               Have you ever awoke in the night and had a song to God playing in your mind, as if there were someone within you singing praise as you slept? As though your spirit, that immortal being communed with its Creator even as the temporal rests?

               Deep calleth unto deep, the Scripture says … sweet communion with the One who has no need of sleep or slumber, the Everlasting Spirit.

               Sometimes I sleep just to get away, to take a break from things in life that are so tiring to the body and mind, but then I wake to find my spirit singing. What? Singing!

               Therefore, it is well with my soul. Night is not a terror to the spirit or soul. Hard times come and go, but the spirit within keeps singing like a bird in a cage. Surroundings change. Time ticks on. But the spirit stays the same for it has hope. Forever thankful to God, day by day for mercy … and grace … and love from above.

               I sleep, but my heart waketh, it is in sweet fellowship even when I am unaware.

               Dear Lord ... let my spirit ever commune with You in the night and in the bright morning light. I am a creature that will one day sleep no more. The night will be gone and there will be no need, for I will sing praises face to face.

Michelle Westfall