Have you ever told your child to clean their room, and when you check on their progress some minutes later, you notice that they’re happily playing with rediscovered toys that were buried or “lost” long ago?

Have you lately found yourself to not be as joyful as you once were? Have you lost that spring in your step? Do you find it harder to sing, to genuinely laugh, to smile and it reach your eyes? Are you buried under weights of worry, stress, condemnation? When did you last clean out your room: your heart, mind, and soul?

When did you last enter your closet, close the door, and disclose your heart to God? When did you last let the tears fall and not bother to wipe them away because more would follow? When did you last remove the bricks in your walls and made yourself bare to God? When did you last petition God, and rise up with a sense that He heard you and will answer you? When did you last have His peace go beyond your understanding?

While cleaning your room, you’ll begin to rediscover important things that got buried and/or lost. You’ll rediscover the beauty of the Lord instead of ashes. You’ll rediscover His joy which is your strength. You’ll find a cloak of praise instead of a blanket of despair. You will find again God’s mercy, grace, and compassion. You’ll rediscover your song, dance, and laughter.

Stacey Guerra