It was Easter weekend in April of 1999. Our family was visiting the Grand Canyon and, while it was snowing beautifully, the clouds created a ‘white-out’ which obscured the view of the Canyon itself. Sadly, the Easter Sunrise Service overlooking the Canyon had already been cancelled. Early the next morning, while my husband and son were still asleep, I decided to get up and do my devotions. As I was reflecting on the disappointment of not actually being able to see the grandeur of the Canyon, God shared this with me: “Did you notice that people at the lookout points would go to the rail, but wouldn’t presume to climb over them even though they couldn’t see the deep Canyon drop? Why? Well, they had photographs on signs, and guidebooks, and people who had seen the Canyon and told them how deep it was and how perilous it would be to go beyond the rail. Isn’t it interesting that people have The Guidebook (i.e., the Word) and first-hand accounts of me and yet they don’t think twice about crossing that moral rail? Even though they have been warned of the perilous consequences.”

          Later in the day, after a meaningful Easter Service indoors, the clouds lifted, affording us breathtaking views of the truly Grand Canyon. We later found out that being able to see the Canyon in the snow was actually rare. In fact, the gift shops carried postcards of that because it was so beautiful and unusual. God certainly blessed us on that trip, and I will never forget what He shared with me.

          For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind. Isaiah 65:17. Imagine that! Even something as awesome as the Grand Canyon will be forgotten and replaced by something better!

          Donna Nasko