Have you ever considered what makes a true friend? By worldly standards, true friendship is based on common hobbies, similar interests, and identical lots in life. It makes sense that the more two have in common, the more conversation can be generated. But the Word of God identifies what true friendship really is by a different definition.
          David and Jonathan were two people whose souls were knit together in friendship. So strong was this enmeshment that Jonathan loved David as his own soul. The evidence of this was revealed when Jonathan stripped himself of his rightful entitlement to his own inheritance of his father’s throne and laid it at David’s feet. There was no jealousy in their friendship. There was only benevolence. They sought the best for each other. They encouraged one another. They loved one another.
          Proverbs 27:9 further explains what true friendship is all about when it compares it to the gladness a heart experiences when one sniffs the wonderful smell of perfume or uses a special healing ointment. True friendship is bound up in the reciprocation of earnest counsel. Earnest counsel is most valuable when it is centered around uplifting another’s gaze to the One who is the third cord in the relationship. Solomon contributes to the discussion of true friendship by reminding us that it is better that two walk together rather than just remaining as one because when one falls, the other will help him up. Finally, Solomon reminds us that when we stand alone, another can prevail against us, but when we stand enmeshed, we become a threefold cord not easily broken, because God is in the center.
          True friendship is rooted in the knitting of two souls with God in the center.

          Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
          Proverbs 27:9
          1 Samuel 18:1-3

          Lisa Eppinette