The early inhabitants of the Earth became focused on themselves and their own purposes. They desired to make a name for themselves, so they came together in unity to build a tower that would reach the heavens. Consequently, God frustrated their efforts by diversifying their language and leaving them no choice but to disperse and continue populating the Earth.

          Conversely, when God’s purposes must be carried out, He grants people all that they need to succeed. Nehemiah was supplied all that he needed in manpower and building materials to repair and rebuild the wall around Jerusalem. When the enemies became evident, God also anointed the leader and workers the courage to continue working with hammer in one hand and a weapon in the other.

          When Moses made the call to the congregation to focus on building the first tabernacle, God partnered with him by stirring the hearts of the people. Those who were willing to give, brought the Lord’s contribution to be used for construction. Some brought tangible items and materials. Others brought their talent and craftsmanship. So great was the stirring that Moses had to turn away the excess.

          When God purposes to build, He empowers His people to meet the need by supplying the anointing, the materials, and the manpower. But the anointing only comes upon those who have a “stirred heart.” What is stirring in your heart to do for God? Go ahead and take that first step. Prove to yourself that the Lord does indeed empower those who make themselves available to Him.

          Genesis 11:1-9, Nehemiah 2:7-8, 17-18, 4:15-23, Exodus 35:4-10, 20-29, 30-35, 36:2-7

          Lisa Eppinette