Some view it as scary. Some view it as thrilling. The ride is usually short lived and comprised of steep inclines and exhilarating plummets, sharp twists, and unexpected turns. The riders approach it with either trepidation or enthusiastic giddiness. As the car carries its riders to the top of the first crest, some are wishing they had never embarked on this journey, others are enjoying the view from the heights.

What causes such diverse views of the same ride? Could it be that those who are immensely enjoying the ride revel in the fact that the ride offers the safety of the harness to lock them in? As their arms are lifted high above their heads and their legs go flailing forward from all the inertia, they know that they are staying locked safely into their seats. These are the ones who took note as they approached the ride that it has a set course and within that, a definite beginning and end. Instead of viewing it as something to be avoided or regretted, they instead embraced all the thrills that go along with it and consequently laughed with joy all the way through it.

This is what Solomon was trying to convey when he elaborated about life. We may not have answers to all the questions of life. We may not be able to control death, distress, offenses, disappointments, etc. Instead, if we acknowledge the Master track maker and accept the safety of the harness that He alone designed, we will be much more inclined to have the power to enjoy this roller coaster called ‘Life’, no matter what the circumstances.

Ecclesiastes 8:15, 9:7-9

Lisa Eppinette