Picture the flood of Noah’s day. That massive production of water came from all sources. Of course, we read of the rain, and we can easily visualize it, but the Bible also speaks of waters broken up from the deep recesses of the Earth. This massive deluge of water swept everything away in its violent currents. The Bible shares that all life was destroyed except that which was on the ark and in the sea. God was starting over with Noah and his family. 
          Have you ever experienced such a turbulent upheaval in your life that you felt caught up and carried away into unforeseen, unpredictable, and cataclysmic circumstances?  Have you ever caught yourself mulling over and over in your mind the question, “How did this happen?” and, “Could I have prevented this?” And yet Faith answers those questions with another question, “Do you trust Me?” and follows with, “Just wait until I am finished recreating … if you will give me permission,  I will “tailor-make” your life suited specifically for you.  Given enough time, your life will resettle into one of joy and be profitable for God’s kingdom.”
          If we allow it, the words “Do you trust me?” can be comforting. The flood that creates chaos in our lives is only short-lived compared to its long term effects. The Author of the flood is the one who gives the turbulent waters permission to inundate our lives. However, it is He who lifts us above those same waters and enables us to rest in the midst of the chaos, if we allow him to do so.  Eventually, all unruly flood waters recede into their rightful, contained bodies once again. In their wake, we are left with well-watered lands that were once parched, and that previous trickle of water has been turned into a thirst quenching river — because, as Job stated, now we know Him.

          Genesis 7:1-11, Genesis 7: 17-23, Job 42:1-6

          Lisa Eppinette