The first slogan that I can remember surrounding the “Save the Earth” campaign was ‘Think Globally but Act Locally’. So simple in its application, it gave every individual a mission to accomplish the goal of saving the Earth. The concept was basic: if we all do our part by recycling, reduce our water usage, etc., then we can all contribute to the end result—saving our planet.

          The Great Commission didn’t receive the same attention of those who make a career of catchy slogans, but really the slogan ‘Think Globally but Act Locally’ can be applied to it just the same. Before Jesus commissioned all who would follow him with the great ministry of reconciliation, He demonstrated how he expected this to be accomplished by his ministry here on Earth. He was constantly running to the individual who expressed a need, whether that need was in the form of healing, deliverance, or love. Some He ministered to, others he preached to, and still others he rebuked. The majority of His time in his earthly ministry was spent ministering to people, meeting them at the place of their need. He set the example for how to go about evangelizing the world.

          Daily we encounter people who are hurting, depressed, angry, and in need of a Savior. We minister to them by a smile, a nod, an encouraging word, a meaningful touch, a compassionate comment, an understanding attitude, an outreach for friendship, etc. Some will allow us to share the essence of the Word of God with them. Some just want someone to understand them, to offer forgiveness, to surround them with grace. Our ministry of reconciliation begins on a personal level in the day to day activities with a world that is lonely without Him. Today, I encourage you to think globally but act locally in your ministry of reconciliation designed by Him to save His world.

          2 Cor 5:16-18, Matt 28:18-20

          Lisa Eppinette