He had given all that he knew to give, or at least he thought he had. He had obeyed the scriptures the best that he knew how. And then came the pivotal point in his walk with God. Upon meeting the One who planned to redeem his soul, the rich young ruler asked Jesus what else he must do to inherit eternal life. Jesus, who must have been waiting all along for this question from him, replied, “Give away all that you have, and follow Me.” In essence, the Redeemer was asking this man to give up his status and his reputation which defined him, and to become totally redefined by Jesus.  To the young ruler, this was too much of a demand. How do we know? He walked away from Jesus at that point.

          It is easy for us Bible readers to say in our hearts as we read the story, “Nothing is more important than following after Jesus.” – until we come face to face with our own personal cost of following Him. It may be in the forms of losing family relationships, an exciting job with all of its benefits, or even a respected position in the community, to name a few. But whatever it is, if we could see beyond the loss to discover the spectacular results of being redefined by the One who created us, it would become much easier to swallow the disappointments and sorrow.

          However, most of the time God does not reveal to us the end result of our present sacrifice. Instead, He presents the condition that must be met before He opens those doors of opportunities. We can be sure of this though, that we will absolutely LOVE what He has in store for us. We are promised in the book of Jeremiah that He knows the plans He has for us. Those plans are to bring us peace and to give us hope. But this walk with Him is all about trusting Him to bring about all things for our good!

          Matthew 19:20-22, Romans 8:28, Psalm 138:8, Jeremiah 29:11

          Lisa Eppinette