Down, down, down … descending into what seemed to be a darkened abyss. Daniel was lowered into the pit. Hadn’t he done all that he should do? He had prayed earnestly. He had loyally served the king of a foreign land in such a way to be pleasing to his God.

          Certainly, his trust level was at an all-time high. He understood there was a possibility he may not continue his life here on this Earth. But he also understood that if he didn’t continue here, he would exist in eternity with his God, seeing Him face to face. Willing to lay down his life here, he faced his circumstances with trust, and that trust fueled all the grace that he needed.

          We all know the story. When Daniel was on ground level with the lions, he discovered they weren’t interested in eating him. The next day came his deliverance, but truly, deliverance came before he was ever lowered into the pit.

          Oh, if we only understood how God delights in our attitude of trust when we face unfair persecutions, false accusations, and general reviling. His delight would energize us to seek Him determinedly in our darkened circumstances. He loves for us to grip His hand tighter when the darkness closes in. He truly loves it when we allow the light from His Word to illuminate our path. He absolutely is moved when we shut out all extra noise around us to hearken to His still, small voice.

          His deliverance is much sooner and nearer to us than we realize.

          1 Peter 2:20-23; Mark 8:34-37; Daniel 6: 7-28

          Lisa Eppinette