Jacob’s mother knew. She remembered and understood the promise from God that her elder son would serve the younger. Yet fear drove her to suggest and then help Jacob present himself in a deceptive manner to his father to obtain the spiritual blessing reserved for the first born, his brother Esau. What did she fear? She feared that Esau who disappointed her with his intermarriage with the heathen women around them would obtain more favor from God than her favorite son … so she compromised her own integrity by participating in the deception.

          And we all can identify with her. Many times in life we believe we know how events should turn out. We oftentimes expect God to intervene, at the last minute even, to save the day. But what if He delays His intervention? Then He allows events to unfold in such a way that we begin to squirm with great discomfort. Do we avoid falling into the temptation to manipulate the situation?

          Ever wonder if Rebecca, Jacob’s mother, regretted her intervention? She spent a large part of her life without seeing Jacob’s life unfold. Was it worth it? Probably not. Was God going to work out His promise in His own timing, in His own way? Yes, He was. Our challenge is to pray, trust, relax, and enjoy life. God knows how to fulfill His own promises


Genesis 27


Lisa Eppinette