What is it? That’s what they named the substance that appeared on the ground every morning. “Manna” is what they called it, because manna means “What is it?” This was foreign to them because in Egypt they had to work as slaves to be fed, yet there in the desert, their food appeared mysteriously in the morning as a gift from heaven.

          It was designed to provide all that was needed for their daily physical needs, but it represented so much more than physical sustenance. God used it as a daily object lesson to teach them that He is trustworthy to provide all that they needed. So precise were the lessons, that God even gave rules regarding it. They could only gather enough for the day’s provision unless it was the day before the Sabbath, for which they could gather the double portion. It was only available to gather in the morning because the hot sun would melt it as it sat on the ground. God taught them to walk every day in faith, and to know that His grace would empower them as they needed it.

          And so it is with us. Every morning God gives us enough grace for the day’s demands. We are reminded in the Word to take no thought for tomorrow, for sufficient is today’s troubles. We are easily tempted to consider the “what ifs” about tomorrow, only to quickly find out that the worry quickly outweighs the allotment of today’s grace. The weight of the “what ifs” about tomorrow becomes too heavy to bear alone and we begin to falter in our faith, even causing us to wonder if we can get through today’s demands. Our perception of grace turns  “wormy” and begins to “stink”.

          God’s grace is always enough for today, no matter how much you need.  Our challenge is to keep our focus on today’s measure of grace given to us every morning, to carry out today’s demands.

          Genesis 16:4-36, Matthew 6:25-34

          Lisa Eppinette