While driving to work the other day, I was struck with the thought that each car I was surrounded by had a lone operator. Obviously, most cars are only equipped with one steering wheel, one brake pedal, and one acceleration pedal, thus requiring only one driver. I took this understanding to a higher level by drawing the parallel between the lone car operator and how each of us has sovereignty over our own vessels. If we fully grasped this concept, we could be greatly empowered to exercise better control of our vessels. The driver decides how fast or slow the vehicle goes. The driver decides how to respond when other drivers pass or pull out in front of him. The driver decides when to stop or to accelerate. No matter how much the driver would like to blame others for how his/her vehicle travels, he/she is ultimately the authority over his/her vehicle.

          Proverbs 25:28 draws an interesting parallel as well.  “A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls.”  The walls around an ancient city determined how vulnerable its inhabitants were to outside invaders. All walls had gates that were closed during times of vulnerability to better control those who enter and those who leave.  Those walls represent our own levels of self-control exercised in our lives. Without self-control, we are subject to every attack from the enemy. The enemy comes in the form of our own lust, other people, and ole slew foot, Satan. The higher, more dense walls with gates well monitored in the form of self-control lend themselves to more emotional stability and purposeful behavior.

          Don’t ever forget, that as the sole driver of your vehicle or your vessel, YOU decide how you respond or react to any given situation. You have sovereignty, given by God, to make decisions about how you want to live your life. You may not get to choose what situations you face, but you do get to choose how you respond.

          Lisa J. Eppinette