Areas of Service

Our church has many opportunities for service. Each area has a team that is involved with training so that you can be the best!


Our team uses our gift of administration to support First Church teams by using computer skills, data entry, and attention to details.
Requirements: Age: 18+, Background check. 
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Our team prepares for and hosts First Church's baptism experience. Join this team.

Correctional Facility Team

Our team facilitates services in state prisons and other correctional facilities.
Requirements: Age: 18+, Background check Join this team.


Our team welcomes people to First Church at the front doors and ensures that everyone is comfortable and well-hosted. Join this team.

First Steps

Our team serves as the hosts of First Steps, greeting guests and providing materials and assistance to those discovering their next steps at First Church. Join this team.

Sunday School

Our team invests in the lives of children through worship, Biblical teaching, videos, Small Groups, and games.
Requirements: Background check. Join this team.


Our team facilitates a powerful worship experience through audio engineering, lights, cameras, and other visual elements.
Requirements: Online training, background check.
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