Dream Team

The best friends you'll ever make!

Make A difference!

First Church could not exist without a dynamic team of people looking to make a difference, looking to serve others. In fact, we organize our ministries around the passions and callings of our team. There is a high likelihood that we already have a rewarding arena of ministry in which your gifts could shine. If not, let’s create one!

What team is best for me?

We believe that God has created each of us with unique talents and skills, all a part of the body. We'd love for you to find your purpose and serve in the Kingdom.

In Week 4 of First Steps, a DISC assessment is given to find out what strengths you have and based on the results, we recommend a team for you to join. If you haven't taken the test, you can click below and see what teams are available!

Note: due to the nature of some of these teams below, there may be training and preparation required. Additionally, any ministry involving minors will require appropriate background checks.

Sound good to you? Check some boxes below and let us know!

DISC Assessment Results

If you've taken the DISC Assessment in our First Steps class, please submit your results below.