Small Groups

Life is better together!

Small groups were part of the New Testament church experience. Believers would meet in public-places on Sundays, but during the week they met in their homes. This allowed the church to get both larger and smaller at the same time. Here at First Church, we have adopted the same structure.

Large meetings of many believers, like in a church-service, are great for building faith, hearing the gospel, celebrating worship. But they aren’t so good for getting to know people.

Small groups of believers can really get to know each other, encourage one another, include one another. Furthermore, the accountability, community, and inclusion of a small group enables practical life-change – because life-change usually happens in the context of relationships.

What are small groups?

Think of Small Groups as gatherings of a dozen or less people that happen around the city, usually in a home. In a smaller gathering, it can be more natural to build community, grow as a disciple, experience life-change. You may do an activity. You may learn something new. You may pray together. Small groups can be any number of things – but most importantly, none of us were made to do life alone! Find a group that's for you!

Two Kinds of Small Groups at First Church

Affinity Groups

Affinity groups are the most popular and are based around an interest or activity (hiking, knitting, basketball, etc). These groups are great fun and meet on whatever schedule serves the group. In our directory, you can see what groups are happening near you - just click the group that interests you and join!

Life Groups

Life Groups are more spiritual-focused. These groups are led in the homes of our leaders, hosted around the city. Join us for a short video from Pastor Nathan and then a group discussion. Oh, and finger foods!

Have you searched through the group directory and didn't find a group that suited your wildest dreams? You can submit a group by filling out the form below. New group leaders are always welcome!