First Steps

Learning about First Church and what we're all about!

On the first four weeks of the month, we host a series called First Steps. These classes are taught by our Leadership team and offer a brief introduction to our church, what we believe, how we're organized, and is wrapped up with a DISC assessment. Classes start at 1pm and lunch is provided during the sessions.

Week 1

On the first Sunday of the month, we give an introduction to First Church culture. Why are we so friendly? Do we allow coffee in the auditorium? Etc. This is an overview of how and why we do things and is a very "easy" class to attend.

Week 2

On the second Sunday of the month, we review how First Church is organized, structured, and led. There is also an overview of First Church Dream Teams this session. Week 2 is interesting and worth attending!

Week 3

On the third Sunday of the month is a discussion (yes, back-and-forth conversation) about what it means to be a "spirit-filled" church. We talk about Biblical standpoints for tongues, baptism, and much more.

Week 4

The fourth Sunday of the month is all about matching your skills and talents to a Dream Team. We give a personality test (DISC Assessment) to find your gifts, and match you to volunteer opportunities within First Church.

Let us know you're coming!

This gives us something to look forward to....and helps us get a better idea of how much food to prepare!

Once you've completed First Steps, please let us know the results of your personality test. This helps us match you to a Dream Team. Submit your results below.